Ahmad Shahidov visited the orphan home in Sheki city

Head of the Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights Ahmad Shahidov and chairman of the Reformist Youth Public Union Farid Shahbazli, who are on a visit to the north-western region of the country, visited the orphan home in Sheki city. Human rights defender Ahmad Shahidov and young leader Farid Shahbazli, who were interested in the concerns of children deprived of family love, expressed their full support to the children. Children, who create different handicrafts, knitting and other fine arts during their leisure period, are selected with their special talents.

Speaking about the promoting the handicrafts of talented children throughout Azerbaijan and holding a sales exhibition, human rights defender Ahmad Shahidov said that the sale fair can be organized with the support of the Reformist Youth Public Union in Baku. RYPU chairman Farid Shahbazli, who welcomed the proposal, promised to hold such an exhibition in Baku in the coming months.

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