Ahmad Shahidov addressed the Gakh youths on the occasion of 2 February Youth Day: “Never give up on your goals”

Today is a special day for young people. 2 February is the Youth Day in Azerbaijan. This remarkable historic day is related to the name of National Leader Heydar Aliyev, who has been always paying great attention to young people. That, the Decree of the Great Leader signed on February 2, 1997, proclaimed February 2 as the Day of Azerbaijani Youth.

This confidence in youth and young people is now being confirmed. Today, youth policy in Azerbaijan is essentially a new stage in its essence and quality. President Ilham Aliyev always affirms his adherence to this youth policy with his decisions.

Addressing a video appeal on 2 February Youth Day, Ahmad Shahidov talked about the state youth policy in Azerbaijan and conveyed his greetings to the youth. Addressing the youth of Gakh region, Ahmad Shahidov spoke about the concerns of young people and conveyed his recommendations to them: “Never be afraid of trouble. Do not be afraid to overcome obstacles. Push the doors closed to you, do not go back and do not give up until the doors are open to you. Do not give up on your dreams. Do not give up on your targets. No matter what happens, do not miss out on your plans. Believe me that one day, the doors will be opened to you. You will open those doors yourself. You will reach your desires. You will reach your goals.”

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