Ahmad Shahidov speaks on Turkish TV about February 26 massacre and international campaign “Justice for Khojaly”

On February 26, the head of the Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, well-known human rights defender Ahmad Shahidov spoke to the Turkish television channel “Ulusal Kanal” about the 28th anniversary of the Khojaly genocide and the international campaign “Justice for Khojaly”.

Connected to the “Gunaydin Turkiye” program of “Ulusal Kanal” TV with a live video directly from the Alley of Martyrs, Ahmad Shahidov spoke extensively about the Khojaly genocide’s 28th anniversary, revealed the pain of those days and the atrocities of Armenian armed forces, spoke about the steps taken by the Azerbaijani side to promote the Khojaly genocide throughout the world.

Ahmad Shahidov spoke about the international campaign “Justice for Khojaly” launched by Mrs. Leyla Aliyeva, the Vice-President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, underlined the numerous speeches of President of Azerbaijan at the international platforms and the work Ilham Aliyev has done to bring the realities of Azerbaijan to the international community.

Ahmad Shahidov said that fraternal Turkish Republic always supports Azerbaijan in this issue. Human rights defender once again noted that those who committed the Khojaly genocide should be brought before the court to avoid such genocides in the future.

The presenter of the “Gunaydin Turkiye” program Mr. Jan Caradut expressed his deepest condolences to the people of Azerbaijan on the Khojaly genocide.

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