Azerbaijan is holding a victory parade in Baku – Ahmad Shahidov talks live to ANews Television

Today is a very important day for Azerbaijan, for Azerbaijani state and people. Because the winner of the 44-day war, which began on September 27, is Azerbaijan, and today, on December 10, the Republic of Azerbaijan is holding a victory parade in Baku.

So far, many military parades have been organized in Baku, but today’s parade is the most beautiful. More than 3,000 servicemen take part in the parade. About 150 new military equipment, modern weapons, missile and artillery devices, air defense systems, as well as warships and boats are demonstrated.

In his interview to ANews Television, Dr. Ahmad Shahidov, head of Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, said that brotherly Turkey, which has always stood by Azerbaijan, is with Azerbaijan on this happy day: “Turkish-Azerbaijani relations are unique in the world. We are literally one nation, two states, and we demonstrated this once again in today’s military parade. Turkey is the only country that, despite all the pressure, stood by Azerbaijan and stands by Azerbaijan today.”

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