“Over time, world countries will begin to cooperate with the Taliban government” – Dr. Ahmad Shahidov spoke to ARB24 channel

Contacts between the Taliban movement, which seized power in Afghanistan in 2021, and a number of countries in the world are deepening. The attitude towards the Taliban movement, which has been on the world’s terrorist list for many years, is changing. China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and other countries have already recognized the Taliban government by restoring diplomatic relations with Afghanistan.

Speaking to ARB24 Television on the subject, political analyst Dr. Ahmad Shahidov said that the Taliban movement, which was included in the world’s terrorist list after the terrorist attack in the United States in 2011, is actually in political power in Afghanistan today. In this regard, countries that want to establish relations with Afghanistan must also recognize the political power of the Taliban. However, European countries are in no hurry to recognize the Taliban. Nevertheless, over time, the countries of the world will begin to cooperate with the Taliban government.

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