Ahmad Shahidov meets with gypsies in Gakh region

qaracilar6Ahmad Shahidov, Human rights advocate familiarized himself with living condition and cares of gypsies with Persian origin

As a part of his working visit to the Eastern part of Azerbaijan Ahmad Shahidov, Head of the Azerbaijani Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (AIDHR) held a meeting with gypsies of Gakh region on August 6. Mainly populating in Qapichay village, gypsies of Persian origin chiefly engaged in stockbreeding and livestock, gathering crops and cultivation of lands.

During the meeting Ahmad Shahidov got acquainted with social cares of gypsies, visited their apartments, talked with the old and took an interest of the state of youth employment in the region. Touching upon their social problems, gypsies brought it to Mr. Shahidov’s attention that some of their apartments that damaged during earthquake yet to be restored. They also conveyed their concerns to Mr. Shahidov in relation to employment problems and daily cares. Head of AIDHR has been asked to convey mentioned problems of gypsies to the relevant bodies.

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