Ahmad Shahidov met with the President of European Institute for Democracy

eidAhmad Shahidov held discussions with Ms. Dorota Mitrus, President of European Institute of Democracy (EID)

Ahmad Shahidov, Head of the Azerbaijani Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (AIDHR) held a meeting with Ms. Dorota Mitrus, President of European Institute for Democracy in Warsaw, Poland on September 19. Providing detailed information with regard to the organization under his chairmanship, Mr. Shahidov talked about current situation of democracy and human rights in Azerbaijan.

Ms. Dorota Mitrus, for her part, pointed out that they are keeping close watch on situation in Azerbaijan. She also recalled several visits that she paid to Baku and conducted meetings with various circles. While becoming aware of newly establishment of AIDHR, President of EID emphasized that they will further support the organization’s activities. The sides also discussed the issue of mutual cooperation between AIDHR and EID and the decision has been made on implementing joint projects.

At the end of meeting, Ms. Dorota Mitrus draw attention to the crises in Ukraine while expressing European countries concerns over Russian’s recent military intervention. She also highlighted that territorial integrity of countries is an integral part of international law.

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