“Armenian authorities put pressure on Araik Kazaryan’s family” – Ahmad Shahidov

On August 12, Armenian serviceman Kazaryan Araik Khaikovic, who escaped from the Armenia’s military unit in the Fuzuli direction of the front line, was detained by Azerbaijani soldiers. Preliminary interrogation revealed that the Armenian soldier deserted because of intolerable and inhuman treatment.

Armenian soldier Araik Kazaryan, who was detained on the Azerbaijani side, is receiving medical care and his condition is normal. Azerbaijani Ombudsman’s Office reps visit Armenian soldier Araik Kazaryan. He is pleased with the conditions of detention, treatment and food. He also said that his rights are not violated and he has no complaints.

In his interview to ATV Channel human rights defender Ahmad Shahidov said that regarding the Armenian prisoner the Azerbaijani side is acting under the international conventions: “Araik Kazaryan, a citizen of the Republic of Armenia, born in 2000, a resident of Exegis village of Vayotszor province of Armenia, has been in the military service for eight months and has decided to move to the opposite side because of constant persecution and pressure from his commanders. This fact indicates the presence of torture in the Armenian army. It is precisely the Armenian authorities are concerned about the disclosure of these facts and make contradictory statements. But the facts of torture on Araik Kazaryan revealed the true facts.”

Human rights defender Ahmad Shahidov said there are serious discussions in the Armenian community about these facts and mentioned that the Armenian authorities try to cover up the fact and launched pressure on Araik Kazaryan’s family for this purpose: “Araik Kazaryan’s elder brother also serves in the Armenian army. After this incident he was summoned to the military garrison and involved in the investigation. Araik Kazaryan’s brother is currently in Nagorno-Karabakh and is being questioned. Araik’s mother was also subjected to persistent pressure from local authorities, resulting in her health deteriorating and she was hospitalized. All of these pressures and persecutions are an attempt by Yerevan to hide the facts of torture and violence in the Armenian army. Armenian authorities are trying to silence Araik Kazaryan’s family and his relatives.”

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