Military equipment and weapons are being transported to Armenia under the guise of humanitarian aid – Ahmad Shahidov told TRT Arabia

The Armenian army, which did not comply with the ceasefire agreement reached in Moscow, continues firing on villages and civilians in the frontline. Every day, civilians are killed and wounded on the Azerbaijani side.

In an interview with TRT Arabia, Dr. Ahmad Shahidov, head of the Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, said that in recent weeks, Armenian armed forces have been carrying out a series of attacks to retake lost territories. The human rights defender said that the main goal of the Armenian side is to create fear, anxiety and panic among the Azerbaijani population.

On the other hand, the Armenian government, which receives military equipment and weapons from various countries under the guise of humanitarian aid during the ceasefire, is preparing new provocations on the front. Ahmad Shahidov said that it is important for the world community and international organizations to react to this issue immediately, and said that Armenia has grossly violated the requirements of the Geneva Convention.

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