“Armenia is disrespecting its obligations and the efforts of international mediators” – Ahmad Shahidov told ANews Television

Unfortunately, despite the agreement reached during the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the two countries in Geneva, the Armenian armed forces continue to fire on Azerbaijani civilians and civilian objects. Yesterday and today, the Armenian army fired rockets at the Tartar and Agjabadi regions of Azerbaijan. These areas are not located in the frontline and there are no military facilities there.

After the meeting in Geneva mediated by the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs, the Armenian armed forces fired on Azerbaijan with heavy artillery and other firearms in Tartar, Agdam, Goranboy and Agjabadi regions.

As a result of these rocket fires, our civilians were killed and many others were injured. Armenia takes the same step every time. Every time after the ceasefire agreement, we witness the same picture. Civilians are targeted, civilian targets are fired upon, and civilians are killed.

At the last meeting of foreign ministers in Geneva, there was a special agreement on this issue. The parties agreed that in no case should civilians and settlements be targeted. But Armenia does not comply with the agreement again.

In his interview to ANews Television, Ahmad Shahidov, head of Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, said that Tartar is one of the most bombed and rocket-fired cities in Europe since World War II. Since September 27, more than 15,000 shells and missiles have been fired at the Tartar region: “In this case, what should Azerbaijan do? Of course, Azerbaijan must exercise his right to self-defense and protect its civilians. And today the Azerbaijani Army is doing it. We are carrying out counter-offensive operations against those firing points of the Armenian army, which opened fire on Azerbaijani civilians. This is our internationally recognized right.

In addition, the Azerbaijani Army continues to liberate the occupied Azerbaijani lands today. I emphasize once again that these territories are internationally recognized Azerbaijani lands. And it is the right of Azerbaijan to protect its lands.”

Today, Armenia is disrespecting its obligations and the efforts of international mediators. Armenia’s crimes should be classified as war crimes and crimes against humanity. Armenia’s new acts of aggression since September 27 are a direct violation of fundamental norms and principles of international law, as well as international humanitarian law and Armenia’s obligations, as well as the Geneva Conventions and its Additional Protocols, – noted Ahmad Shahidov.

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