“The next stage after the liberation of Lachin is the return of Azerbaijani refugees” – Ahmad Shahidov told TRT Arabia

Finally, today Lachin region came under the control of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces. According to the agreement dated November 10, the Lachin region was to be handed over to the Azerbaijani side by December 1, and this was done today.

Lachin region was occupied by Armenian armed forces on May 18, 1992. Covering an area of 1835 square km, this district consists of 1 city, 1 settlement and 125 villages. The strategic importance of Lachin is that it is located on the state border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and by taking back Lachin, Azerbaijan has once again restored the state border with Armenia.

In his interview to TRT Arabia Television, Dr. Ahmad Shahidov, head of the Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, said that with the liberation of Lachin, some of the conditions stipulated in the November 10 agreement were fulfilled: “Now other conditions are expected to be met. First of all, the return of Azerbaijani refugees to their homes and the coexistence of Armenians and Azerbaijanis under the control of Russian peacekeepers. This mainly means the coexistence of the Armenian and Azerbaijani communities in Khankendi, Agdara, Khojavend and other areas. In addition, the process of exchanging dead bodies on both sides is underway. Under the terms of the agreement, the exchange of prisoners and hostages is also envisaged. After that, it is planned to build the transport infrastructure of the region, to establish land connections with Nakhchivan and other territories of Azerbaijan.”

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