“Karabakh armenians are now thinking about integration into Azerbaijan” – Dr. Ahmad Shahidov spoke to Khazar Television

A few days ago, an armenian civilian living in the area under the temporary control of the Russian peacekeepers approached one of the outposts of the Azerbaijan Army and asked for help.

The armenian residing in Khankendi was helped, he was given hot food and cigarettes, additional food aid was provided and he was sent from Shusha to Khankendi today.

The armenian resident, who said “thank you” to the eco-activists while passing through the action area, conveyed his thanks to the Azerbaijani side.

Speaking to Azerbaijan’s Khazar Television, human rights defender Dr. Ahmad Shahidov said that similar calls from Karabakh armenians will increase in the coming days: “Karabakh armenians no longer believe in Ruben Vardanyan’s false administration. I hope the day when the tricolor flag of Azerbaijan will fly in Khankendi is near.”

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