European Political Community Summit showed the rise of Turkiye and Azerbaijan in Europe – Dr. Ahmad Shahidov talked to BenguTurk

The first meeting of the European Political Community was held in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

At the meeting, 43 of the 44 invited European countries were represented at the leader level.

In addition to 27 European Union (EU) countries, 17 countries from the European continent were invited to the meeting, which was held with the suggestion of French President Emmanuel Macron in May. Only Russia and Belarus were not invited to the meeting.

In the meeting, where the effects of the war in Ukraine were discussed, sessions on peace and security, energy, climate and economy were held. During the meeting, many of the leaders held bilateral meetings.

The European Political Community Summit is desired to function as a political discussion forum for European countries. It is expected to be decided at today’s meeting whether the Summit will transform into an institutional structure. No official statement or decision is foreseen at the end of the meeting.

Within the framework of the European Political Community, the leaders of Turkiye, Azerbaijan and Armenia came together and discussed the issues of peace and cooperation in the region.

Speaking to the BenguTurk channel, Dr. Ahmad Shahidov, Head of the Turkish Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, shared her views on the discussions held within the framework of the European Political Community in Prague.

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