Behind the scenes of Darya Dugina assassination – Kazim Kazimov asks, Dr. Ahmad Shahidov answers on TV5 channel

Aleksandr Dugin’s daughter, Darya Dugina, died yesterday after the vehicle she was in exploded near the city of Odintsovo in the Moscow region.

An investigation was initiated regarding the incident, and it was stated that an explosive device was placed in the vehicle and it was detonated while the vehicle was driving. It was stated that the car belonged to Alexander Dugin.

Participating in the “World Agenda” program on the TV5 channel, international relations expert Dr. Ahmad Shahidov explained the background of this political terror and answered Kazim Kazimov’s questions.

Who is Darya Dugina?

Aleksandr Dugin’s daughter, 30-year-old Darya Dugina, graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2015.

Dugina, also known as a journalist, was working as a political observer in the “International Eurasian Movement” non-governmental organization.

Dugina also went to the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, which was under the control of Russia, and conducted studies.

The British Foreign Office also announced that Dugina was placed on the sanctions list at the beginning of July.

Who is Alexander Dugin?

Russian political expert, sociologist and philosopher Aleksandr Dugin heads the International Eurasian Movement.

Adopting the neo-Eurasian movement, Dugin was included in the list of “100 Global Thinkers of the Modern World” by Foreign Policy magazine in 2014.

In addition, Dugin is on the sanctions lists of the USA, Canada and the European Union as of 2010.

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