The January 20 massacre, which was the turning point of Azerbaijan’s independence, and the world agenda were discussed on TV5 channel

Even though 33 years have passed, the pain of the massacre, which went down in history as “Bloody January”, is fresh in the memory of all Azerbaijanis. The events of Bloody January, which are remembered as a heroic saga in Azerbaijan, are also regarded as an important turning point in the achievement of independence after 70 years of Soviet slavery.

Talking to the “World Agenda” program broadcast on TV5 channel, political analyst Dr. Ahmad Shahidov made statements about the events of January 20 and said that this massacre was a turning point in the history of Azerbaijan’s independence.

Answering the questions of journalist Kazim Kazimov, Dr. Ahmad Shahidov evaluated the Ukraine-Russia war and the impact of this war on the countries of the world.

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