”UN turns to be nothing but an informal organization” – Ahmad Shahidov


Head of AIDHR Ahmad Shahidov shares his viewpoints on 31st regular session of the UN Human Rights Council

On February 29 UN Human Rights Council has started its 31st regular session in Geneva, Switzerland. The session which will run for 24th of March is expected to focus on reports read out by Ministers of Foreign Affairs and hearings on state of human rights all over the world.

Joining the session head of AIDHR Ahmad Shahidov noted that viewpoints voiced at the meeting had nothing to do with the real acts and were insignificance in terms of ongoing processes in the world. The statement reads: “UNO turned to be nothing but an informal organization as the thoughts and views made were not decisive. The contradiction is that countries which face aggression, occupation and those which employ occupation talk about peace and send out peaceful messages to the world. It is ridicules enough that Foreign Ministers of Armenia, Russia, Israel, Syria and Iraq call on peaceful resolution of conflicts. Africa, the country in which people are shooting down in the streets is shown as an example in terms of human rights. As if violation of human rights, conflicts and unrest occur out of our planet. Therefore, I can state it without any hesitation that UNO became merely an informal organization. High ranked officials voice their points, share their stances which yield any positive results and we still witness conflicts, mass killings and breach of human rights. The fact that UN Security Council’s four resolutions on Nagorno-Karabakh conflicts yet to be fulfilled once again proves that UN lost its influence”.

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