“International youth conference, planned in Khankandi is an act of sabotage by Armenia” – CBC Azerbaijan Channel

According to armenian media, it is planned to hold an international youth conference in occupied Azerbaijani city of Khankandi on 14-17 September, 2017. Alleged aim of the conference organized by the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Armenia is to discuss the challenges and perspectives of the recognition of the separatist regime in Nagornoy Karabakh by the participation of young scientists and specialists from different countries. Organising such kind of events in occupied Azerbaijani territories, Armenian authorities tries to get the support of international community and recognition of so called “Nagornoy Karabakh Republic”. But experience shows that the main participants of such events are only citizens of Armenia and a few armenians living abroad. The main purpose of the Armenian authorities is political provocation, promote the so-called regime and to use the invited people, youths in their own political propaganda against Azerbaijan.

In his statement to CBC Azerbaijan channel on this issue, Head of Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights Dr. Ahmad Shahidov called the conference an act of provocation by Armenia and said that they will mobilize all the means to prevent it: “After receiving information about planned in September of this year international youth conference in occupied Nagornoy Karabakh of Azerbaijan, our organisation began intensive activity in this direction. In this regard, operational headquarter was set up in Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights and our main job is to expose the organisers of this conference, to demonstrate the criminal and aggressive nature of Armenian authorities, to inform young people of the world to prevent them from participating in this conference.”

Human Rights Defender said that they have already informed foreign partners about this diversion and will continue to work in this direction: “We have informed our international partners about this diversion, in particular the international human rights organizations, youths organizations, universities and the scientific communities of the world, and sent them letters in several languages. In addition, we will provide information in OSCE Meeting to be held in Warsaw in September about armenian aggressive policies and actions that lead to tension in the region.”

Noted that illegal visits to the occupied Azerbaijani territories are contrary to Azerbaijani legislation and international law, as well as it bears criminal liability, Head of AIDHR Ahmad Shahidov also appealed to the youths of the world: “As a human rights organisation, we declare that visit to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan violates the territorial integrity, sovereignty and laws of Azerbaijan and according to the legislation of Azerbaijan, as well as international law it causes a criminal responsibility. Azerbaijan is a state of law and irrespective of identity, nationality and political affiliation, everyone is equal before the law of Azerbaijan. It is enough to remember the case with Alexander Lapshin, who violated the law of Azerbaijan and illegally visited the occupied territory of Azerbaijan in February of this year. I would advice those young people who will be invited to the conference in Khankandi, not to forget this fact.”

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