The trial process on Armenian diversant Karen Kazarian proceeded | REAL Television

On December 11, the trial of Karen Armenovich Kazarian, citizen of the Republic of Armenia, who has attempted to commit terrorist act in Azerbaijan, continued. Karen Kazarian, with criminal case 1 (100) -315/2018, is charged with several articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Armenian diversant Karen Kazarian, charged with crimes against life and health, crimes in economic activity, crimes against social security, crimes against the basis of the constitutional structure and the security of the state, and administrative offenses, is provided with a free lawyer and 3 armenian language translators by the Azerbaijani state.

The trial, chaired by judge Karamat Aliyev, held its first preparatory hearing on November 6. Then, on November 20 and 27, the review sessions took place. On December 11, the court continued its work.

The trial process is open to the public and media representatives are also involved in the proceedings. Taking a part in the trial, the head of the Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights Dr. Ahmad Shahidov in his interview to REAL Television said that the rights of Armenian diversant Karen Kazarian are fully provided by the Azerbaijani state and that the trial is fully transparent: “As a human rights defender, I can say that the trial is fully transparent. The defendant freely participates in the courtroom. His rights were explained to him. The Azerbaijani state has provided free lawyer and 3 Armenian language translators. In contrast to the trial of Azeri hostages Dilgam Asgarov and Shahbaz Guliyev in Shusha, the Armenian diversant Karen Kazarian freely expresses his views in the court, answers to the questions addressed to him and feels himself very comfortable. Azerbaijan is a state of law and Armenian diversant attempting to commit terror acts on the frontline also responds to the law and his rights are protected by the state of Azerbaijan.”

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