“The meeting of Karen Kazarian’s father with Elvin Ibrahimov is a provocative attempt by official Yerevan” – Ahmad Shahidov

The father of Karen Kazarian, a citizen of the Republic of Armenia, who tried to commit a series of terror acts in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan and was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment by a court sentence, visited the Azerbaijani captive Elvin Ibrahimov on March 22. Armen Kazarian was interested in the health and condition of Azerbaijani captive Elvin Ibragimov, the Armenian State Commission for Prisoners, Hostages and Missing Persons told to Armenian press.

Karen Kazarian’s father’s meeting with Elvin Ibrahimov, who is registered in Gazakh interregional mental hospital, tells about the suspicious moments. Indeed, local and foreign human rights defenders, journalists or representatives of the diplomatic corps had to meet with Azerbaijani captive. We learned the views of Ahmad Shahidov, the Coordinator of the Information Center for Azerbaijani Captives and Hostages. According to Ahmad Shahidov, official Yerevan is trying to equate the Armenian terrorist with an Azerbaijani civilian by spreading such news about the meeting: “This is an open sabotage attempt by the Armenian side. Because Elvin Ibrahimov is a registered patient in a mental hospital. He needs urgent treatment. He did not pass through the border consciously, but simply found himself on the enemy side as a result of mental disorder. Armenian soldiers wounded and captured him. All international legal norms, including the Geneva Conventions, require immediate release of Elvin Ibrahimov, and Yerevan is well aware of this.”

According to Ahmad Shahidov, equalization of Armenian diversant Karen Kazarian with Azerbaijani captive Elvin Ibrahimov indicates the Armenia’s intention to exchange them: “This is never unacceptable. Armenia intends to exchange a terrorist with mental ill person. Karen’s father, Armen Kazarian, presents himself as a peaceful man at the meeting with Azerbaijani captive Elvin Ibrahimov, and wishes Elvin to recover soon, and immediately speaks about his own son, if Karen also is mentally ill and had passed to the territory of Azerbaijan. By this way he tries to convey the message that Karen and Elvin can be exchanged in the future. It is noteworthy that Dilgam Asgarov and Shahbaz Guliyev are in the Armenian hostage for 5 years, and they were not interviewed, no photos or videos of them were spread by the Armenian side. Did Karen Kazarian’s father try to meet with Dilgam and Shahbaz during this time?! How did he meet with Elvin Ibrahimov?!”

The human rights defender said that the position of the Azerbaijani side is irreversible, saying that such information is provocative: “By such provocative character imitation of meeting, the Armenian side wants to exchange the terrorist Karen with a civilian Elvin. This is impossible. Because Karen Kazarian was planning to commit terrorist acts in Azerbaijan. His plan was fully proved in the court and he also made confessions. If the topic is about the exchange of captives and hostages, so Azerbaijan’s position remains unchanged. Captives and hostages can only be exchanged by the principle of “All to all”. The Armenian side should also know this.”

Note that a resident of Yukhari Salahli village of Gazakh region, Ibrahimov Elvin Arif oglu, born 29.10.1986, at the night of March 15-16, loosing his way crossed the border from Gazakh region to Armenia’s Noyemberyan region.

E. Ibrahimov was wounded by Armenian soldiers while crossing the border. Relevant international organizations confirmed the fact that Ibrahimov was wounded and detained by Armenian servicemen and said that there was no danger for his life.

E. Ibrahimov was registered in Gazakh district mental hospital.

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