Iran’s role in the Ukraine-Russia war and Tehran`s attitude towards its neighbors were discussed on the “Asharq News” channel

The Ukraine-Russia war continues on its 277th day. This war is not only between the two countries, but also between the West and Russia, and the countries that support Russia are also participating in the war.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is also seen as a part of this war. The Russian military is using Iranian-made kamikaze drones and rockets in Ukraine. Iranian trainers train Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

Iran’s involvement in the Ukraine-Russia war was discussed on the “Asharq News” channel, one of the most popular TV channels in the Arab world.

International relations expert Dr. Ahmad Shahidov said that the Iranian army is taking an active role in the war in Ukraine today and therefore faces tougher sanctions from Western countries.

Referring to the relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran with its neighbors, Dr. Ahmad Shahidov said that the Iranian army has carried out military exercises on the Azerbaijani border 3 times in the last 2 years and that the Iranian authorities have threatened Azerbaijan.

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