Ahmad Shahidov renders legal consultations to the residents of Gakh region

gorusler5In the framework of his visit to the Eastern part of Azerbaijan Ahmad Shahidov Head of Azerbaijani Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (AIDHR) held a series of meetings in Gakh region. Being at Saribash, Gakhbash, Ilisu, Khum, Lekit, Zarna, Gulluk and others villages Ahmad Shahidov held meetings with the locals and inquired about their social condition and provided them with consultations.

By familiarising himself with the education of local young people, locals’ empowerment head of AIDHR meet with local residents who engaged in agriculture and conducted monitoring on cultivation of lands and methods of increasing productivity.

Ahmad Shahidov also met with the old and received their concerns over the pensions and their amount.
During the conducted meetings human rights advocate rendered legal consultations to the residents on re-construction of houses hit by earthquake, allocations of loans, addressed social assistance and provided the necessary legal aid to the residents of the Region.

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