Georgians and Azerbaijanis celebrated Kurmukoba holiday with great enthusiasm in Gakh region

On May 6, holiday of both Azerbaijanis and Georgians – Kurmukoba holiday was celebrated in Kurmuk village of Gakh region. Each Gakh resident, regardless of religious affiliation, took part in the festival. Kurmuk temple was visited in a day of celebration.

Originally from the town of Gakh, well-known human rights defender, won the sympathy of the people of Gakh during the elections to the Milli Majlis (Parliament) Ahmad Shahidov also took part in the holiday ceremony and congratulated Gakh residents on the occasion of the Kurmukoba holiday. Noted that Kurmukoba holiday is the feast of brotherhood and peace, Ahmad Shahidov said that multiculturalism is a lifestyle in Azerbaijan and Gakh region is a bright pattern of together living in Azerbaijan.

Note that the name of the Kurmukoba holiday linked to its territory. In the past, this temple was one of the largest sanctuaries and local population used to celebrate Kurmukoba holiday here as the seasonal holiday. Pilgrims from another regions, as well as from Georgia join to local residents during the ceremony and visit Kurmukoba temple. Those who came to visit the temple worship and pray to God, burn the candles and cut the victims. Pilgrims say the wishes and burn candles on the ancient stones located near temple.

In the day of Kurmukoba holiday, all people congratulate each other and say kind words.

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