My emotional thoughts about the Gakh… or the land that is the source of my emotions

When writing this article, I feel somewhat emotionally, and I feel that my emotions dominate me. But still try not to follow my feelings and make my thoughts straight into the lines.

But I also say that the most sincere thoughts are words spoken when emotionally.

My friends know very well that I am a person who loves Azerbaijan. I always try to be useful for my motherland at every step. I love all the places of my country, and I love Nagorno-Karabakh very much, which I have never seen and constitute a large part of my activity.

But when it comes to the name of the Gakh, I feel somewhat emotionally, the most wonderful feelings, as if I were a child. Maybe I’m so, because of my childhood years have passed on those lands. Even once I wrote these words in a poem about the Gakh:

You have my childhood years,
My grandpa and grandma’s handprints.
I am Earth-bound, because I love,
I have beautiful Gakh and Ilisu.

I would not say that the Gakh region is the most charming corner of Azerbaijan. Never! Our homeland has many beautiful, charming and paradise places. They all look very beautiful and very popular.

In short, I bring my words back to Gakh. From childhood, we were going to summer vacation to Gakh. We were meeting with my late grandpa and grandma, we were visiting our loved ones. Over the years, Gakh has become a place where my soul is resting and hiding from everyone. I was going straight to Gakh if I wanted to escape my daily work, concerns and problems. When I needed Gakh, I went out quietly…

Last few years, the Gakh region has completely different meaning for me. Gakh has also become a responsibility for me. I feel that there are people who needs my support indeed. There are a lot of people in Gakh who address me on various issues. Every time I try to do my best to help them. Thanks God, I still have not been ashamed of the Gakh people.

Sometimes, when I sit down and talk with my friends, they tell me about Gakh. Even though the most common news, my friends hurry to tell me. “Ahmad, may you know, heavy rains in Gakh, some villages are flooded”, “Some student from Gakh gained 700 points during the exam” and so on. There are people who are eager to bring me daily news like this. I’ve always tried to figure out its reason.

Today, the Gakh region is a source of my responsibility than the resting place. Every time I plan my trip to Gakh in advance, I specify which villages to visit and whom to meet. I try to closely participate in festive meetings of local people. My words may be far away from humility, but every time they tell me their daily concerns. Sometimes I’m weak, I’m left alone, and I can not help people. But I never forget to give moral support.

Very often my friends jokingly ask me why do I always talk about Gakh’s concerns, I especially raise the issue of those people who live in Gakh?! I am sincere, that is not because I am from Gakh. The fact that I was born in Gakh and all my relatives live in this region would not be the cause as well.

The reason is very simple. I already understand that, as I need Gakh, also Gakh people need my help. The ordinary people from Gakh who are tired and bored call me and write regularly. Returning these people’s hands back is incompatible with my principles of life.

So, how long I live, I’ll always be in the service of Gakh people. Because they will be the ones who will guide me to the last house. God blessed us for many years, dears!

Ahmad Shahidov
18 July 2017
Baku, Azerbaijan

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