Ahmad Shahidov commented on the inauguration of Turkish-Russian Joint Monitoring Center at TRT World

Perhaps the longest and bloodiest conflict in the post-Soviet space was actually stopped through the efforts and will of the leaders of the three states in the fall of last year. And after the end of the war close cooperation was organized between the Russian and Turkish defense ministries to create a joint center to monitor the ceasefire. Azerbaijan has carried out an enormous work to create this wonderful center and equip it with everything necessary for its work. It is a new stage in peacekeeping activities in the region.

In his interview to TRT World Television, Dr. Ahmad Shahidov, head of Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, said that Turkey and Russia have a great positive experience of interaction in this field. An excellent example of this interaction is the post-war settlement in Syria: “Also this is a great event for the region as well. The people of Azerbaijan were looking forward to this day. Because, within a few days after the November 10 agreement, Russian peacekeepers settled in Karabakh, and over the past three months, there have been a number of unpleasant incidents in the region. Armenians repeatedly resorted to provocations in Karabakh, and all this happened in front of Russian soldiers. From this point of view, there was some concern in the Azerbaijani society as to when the Turkish army would come.”

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